A Word from Our Coaches

Oct 7, 2015

I embraced coaching after a challenging and stimulating career as an executive in the public, private and international sectors. I became acutely aware that rigorous financial and strategic planning alone does not ensure success. To make organizations work and be successful, leaders must deal effectively with their people, build relationships, influence behaviours and lead by example to create a unifying vision, shared values and a supportive culture with a focus on execution and results. My journey of discovery would not have been possible without the help of objective third parties who offered advice, honest feedback, wise counsel and inspiration.

– Pierre Gravelle

Coaching provides a unique opportunity for people to achieve their personal and professional leadership excellence. My passion is leadership development. I have a firm belief that when people harness their strengths and lead from a position of excellence and authenticity, they can have a profound impact on others both personally and professionally. As a two-time winner of the Prism Award for leadership excellence in two large organizations in pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, I have contributed to qualitative and quantitative results achieved through coaching.

– Sara Thompson

We help leaders to stand out from the rest and to understand and live by their principles.
You will learn how to challenge the status quo and master the art of strategic and critical thinking.