Metta-Pauze group will be presenting at The Global Coaching Partnership conference in Hong Kong

 Feb 28, 2017 1:00 PM

TGCP selects Hong Kong as the 2017 Conference Site

CONTACT:  Pierre Gravelle and Sara Thompson, Founding Partners, Metta Coaching Group

The Global Coaching Partnership (TGCP) is pleased to announce that Hong Kong has been selected as the site of its May 2017 conference. The conference will take place from May 16th to May 19th. This year’s summit, “Guiding Leaders in a Shifting Global Landscape” will be hosted by Hong Kong-based TGCP partner Progress-U, led by Founder and Managing Partner Charlie Lang. “We are once again excited to bring all our partners together for this annual event, coinciding with Progress-U’s 15th anniversary,” according to Mr. Lang.  “Our TGCP member partners span five continents; North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.  Our vision to coach the world’s leaders is enhanced with each TGCP gathering.”  TGCP’s member firms will gather from across the globe.  Planning to join the summit are North America members BeamPines, based in New York, and Metta-Pauzé Coaching Alliance based in Toronto, as well as European member firms:  The Success Group (London), Acolis Conseil, (Paris) Spreng (Frankfurt), and Ascend (Dublin). Change Partners will attend from South Africa, and ECI will travel to the conference from Australia.

TGCP is committed to a consistent, state-of-the-art delivery model for executive coaching and related services. TGCP founder member, Andy Johnson, also founder of South Africa-based Change Partners, offers that, “Through our partnership we maintain the highest professional standards, with multi-cultural flexibility. We pride ourselves on continuously advancing leadership and personal excellence. The dynamic global environment requires exemplary leadership skills now more than ever. Our goal is for our leadership clients to flourish in a sustainable way. Each conference is an opportunity to expand our purpose and to support our partners.”

This conference will include an invited client day titled “Global Leadership & Coaching Forum: Ensuring Leadership Excellence in a Shifting Environment.” The client forum will take place on May 18, 2017, where partners and clients will explore the newest advances in coaching and developing international business executives.

Annual conferences have been hosted since 1998. Conference sites alternate among participating firms with recent meetings being held in Sydney, Paris, and New York. The Global Coaching Partnership counts among its clients many of the world’s most recognizable brands.


We are pleased to announce The Metta-Pauzé Coaching Alliance

 Feb 23, 2016 1:00 PM

We are pleased to announce that Pauzé Coaching of Montreal,  just formed a pancanadian strategic alliance with the Metta Coaching Group based in Toronto. The Metta-Pauzé Coaching Alliance will enable both firms to offer excutive coaching services in both official languages in the country’s main cities, including Vancouver, Calgary and Quebec City.

Both Pauzé Coaching and the Metta Coaching  Group have built a strong bench of over a dozen experienced coaches who have already worked with several hundred executives in organizations of all sizes and industries, either in the private, public or professional sectors.

Jean-Jacques Bourgeault, Practice Leader at  Pauzé Coaching, stresses the fact that all Metta-Pauzé Coaching Alliance coaches have held senior leadership positions and bring a wealth of experience as leaders and executive coaches.  Therefore, they can help leaders thrive through complexity with confidence.

Sara Thompson and Pierre Gravelle, principals of the Metta Coaching Group, highlight the key benefit of having a wide array of coach backgrounds in order to match the best possible profile with the clients’ needs. They also emphasize that the executive coaching services offered by the Alliance are flexible and based on the unique needs of each client and organization.

Executive coaching has now become the preferred approach to develop executives and managers in most organizations. Coaching allows them to step back and reflect on their personal impact and ability to adjust to their ever changing environment. Coaching can be used to satisfy very different needs. Whether it’s to succeed in a new role or to develop one’s strategic thinking, communication, political and management skills, or to take time to reflect with an objective third party, coaching has proven its effectiveness time and time again.

It is very easy to request and organize a free and no-obligation  exploratory session with one or the other of the Metta-Pauzé Coaching Alliance coaches to discuss specific needs and issues where coaching may be helpful.

We can now serve more clients in more Canadian cities regardless of your type of business or industry.


Why Coaching? Why Now?

 Nov 26, 2015 1:00 PM

Leadership requires resiliency. Current research proves that true resiliency comes from within and not from external methods, tools or tricks. To look inside requires humility and vulnerability. External coaches help people to explore their inner thoughts, ideas, hopes, fears, dreams and vulnerabilities. Where else does a leader get to explore deeply without fear of being judged? Amidst a world of complexity, challenge and competing priorities coaches provide a safe sounding board to try on new behaviours.


The Metta-Pauzé Coaching Alliance Assumes an International Reach

 Oct 12, 2015 1:00 PM

The Metta-Pauzé Coaching Alliance comprised of Pauzé Coaching in Montreal and The Metta Coaching Group in Toronto has been selected as the exclusive Canadian Partner for the Global Coaching Partnership (TGCP). The Global Coaching Partnership uniquely operates as a global team to provide dependable, seamless support to clients internationally. Currently, TGCP has offices in 16 countries in 6 continents. New members are selected only after the completion of a rigorous vetting process based on the strength of the coaching methodology, and the proven competence of the coaches.

Through our partnership we bring shared leading-edge thinking and rapid deployment of the best practices from around the world together with top quality, results focused coaches. Our common purpose is to advance leadership and personal excellence.

With partners based in major cities such as New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Madrid, Johannesburg and Berlin, the Metta-Pauzé Coaching Alliance can count on robust resources and support in leadership development and assessment.

Executive Coaching is one of the most effective methods to assist leaders manage through complexity, uncertainty, ambiguity and rapid pace. The support of an experienced coach from the Metta-Pauzé Coaching Alliance and the TGCP allows leaders to step back, gain perspective and act with clarity and decisiveness.

Along with one on one Executive coaching The Alliance and TGCP provide leadership coaching to:

  • Emerging leaders who are taking on increasing responsibilities;
  • Executives moving into new roles;
  • Supporting Executives with the design of strategies to help them achieve their full potential;
  • Group and Team coaching;
  • Assessments;
  • Leaders and Teams who wish strategic guidance in taking their business to the next level.


A word from our coaches

 Oct 7, 2015 1:00 PM

I embraced coaching after a challenging and stimulating career as an executive in the public, private and international sectors. I became acutely aware that rigorous financial and strategic planning alone does not ensure success. To make organizations work and be successful, leaders must deal effectively with their people, build relationships, influence behaviours and lead by example to create a unifying vision, shared values and a supportive culture with a focus on execution and results. My journey of discovery would not have been possible without the help of objective third parties who offered advice, honest feedback, wise counsel and inspiration.

– Pierre Gravelle

Coaching provides a unique opportunity for people to achieve their personal and professional leadership excellence. My passion is leadership development. I have a firm belief that when people harness their strengths and lead from a position of excellence and authenticity, they can have a profound impact on others both personally and professionally. As a two-time winner of the Prism Award for leadership excellence in two large organizations in pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, I have contributed to qualitative and quantitative results achieved through coaching.

– Sara Thompson



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