We are pleased to announce The Metta-Pauzé Coaching Alliance

 Feb 23, 2016 1:00 PM

We are pleased to announce that Pauzé Coaching of Montreal,  just formed a pancanadian strategic alliance with the Metta Coaching Group based in Toronto. The Metta-Pauzé Coaching Alliance will enable both firms to offer excutive coaching services in both official languages in the country’s main cities, including Vancouver, Calgary and Quebec City.

Both Pauzé Coaching and the Metta Coaching  Group have built a strong bench of over a dozen experienced coaches who have already worked with several hundred executives in organizations of all sizes and industries, either in the private, public or professional sectors.

Jean-Jacques Bourgeault, Practice Leader at  Pauzé Coaching, stresses the fact that all Metta-Pauzé Coaching Alliance coaches have held senior leadership positions and bring a wealth of experience as leaders and executive coaches.  Therefore, they can help leaders thrive through complexity with confidence.

Sara Thompson and Pierre Gravelle, principals of the Metta Coaching Group, highlight the key benefit of having a wide array of coach backgrounds in order to match the best possible profile with the clients’ needs. They also emphasize that the executive coaching services offered by the Alliance are flexible and based on the unique needs of each client and organization.

Executive coaching has now become the preferred approach to develop executives and managers in most organizations. Coaching allows them to step back and reflect on their personal impact and ability to adjust to their ever changing environment. Coaching can be used to satisfy very different needs. Whether it’s to succeed in a new role or to develop one’s strategic thinking, communication, political and management skills, or to take time to reflect with an objective third party, coaching has proven its effectiveness time and time again.

It is very easy to request and organize a free and no-obligation  exploratory session with one or the other of the Metta-Pauzé Coaching Alliance coaches to discuss specific needs and issues where coaching may be helpful.

We can now serve more clients in more Canadian cities regardless of your type of business or industry.



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