Judy Delaney

Judy Delaney 


“Q: What’s at the intersection of passion, experience and talent? 
  A: Invaluable advice and great ideas.”

Over more than 35 years, Judy Delaney has helped thousands of business professionals become outstanding presenters.

Judy’s vast experience in business communication started 1979 at Xerox Learning Systems (XLS). XLS, an industry pioneer in corporate learning programs. XLS was a model for exceptional quality in design and delivery of training programs. Excellence therefore became Judy’s standard for everything she undertook.

In 1989 Judy’s was the founding partner and president of Merit Multi-Dimensional Training. Merit focused on business communication and management training. Judy coached the Merit consulting team to meet the highest standards in the business and ensured a stellar reputation in the industry for the company.  Through her leadership Merit obtained hundreds of enviable mandates in research, development and delivery of customized training from many of Canada’s major corporations.

Judy’s own background is extensive: research, design, development, and delivery in: business development, presentations, negotiations, diversity communication, strategic facilitation, keynote speaking, team leadership, high performance team coaching, change and transition management, to name a few.  How are all these helpful to clients’ today?

In 2001 Judy founded Groupexpedia and subsequently ‘Judy Delaney’, a division of Groupexpedia.

Today Judy focuses on developing outstanding presenters. The extensive experience she brings enables her to steer clients toward winning strategies and exceptional results.

Over the years Judy has coached over 4,000 business professionals.

Her clients succeed because her coaching approach provides essential skills and methodologies for today’s business environment:

  1. Strategic preparation to create powerful and persuasive content.
  2. Superior communication skills coaching ensure captivating delivery.
  3. Customized coaching targeting precise areas needing development for maximum results.

Judy graduated with a major in languages from Concordia in 1975.

She has numerous industry accreditations and is a certified coach.

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