About Metta

As a business leader, are you are faced with the need to make  critical decisions, navigate complex situations, while inspiring your team?

Stress is often high and organizational demands are challenging. In fact, in Canada alone, stress costs industry over $16 billion annually. Complex environments can cause people to lose focus on the big picture. Metta professionals help you to look at the big picture and bring clarity, so that you can focus on what is most important.

Our professionals will guide, inspire and challenge you to think of new ideas to balance both your personal and professional demands. And we will be your confidential and safe sounding board. Metta can help you if you:

  • Are a CEO of a start-up organization
  • Are hoping for a promotion
  • Are moving into a new role
  • Need strategies to help you achieve your full potential
  • Want to improve the effectiveness of your team
  • Are seeking strategic guidance in taking your business to the next level

Why Metta


You will work with people whose sole focus is leadership development and optimal performance. Metta’s proven methodology for creating observable and sustainable change works.


Metta professionals stay abreast of best practices in leadership, change management and business transformation. We share a passion for a principled approach that reflects personal values, strengths and experiences. We are organizationally savvy and business savvy. Metta coaches stand for respect, integrity and trust and are known for getting results.

Embedded in Neuroscience

Neuroscience has proven that thinking harder is not enough.  Real change must engage the whole human being including mind, body and spirit.  Real change requires rewiring neural pathways.  New behaviours and possibilities emerge from addressing how habits are “wired” into the body.  This takes clear intention and practice so that change may be sustained at individual and organizational levels.  The Metta approach supports the emergence of flexibility, strength and resilience. We help leaders gain enhanced awareness and mindfulness about their choices.  Ultimately this leads to clarity and the ability to thrive through complexity.

Bilingual Capability

Metta professionals come from both English and French-speaking backgrounds and have worked throughout their careers in both languages. Many have also worked internationally and in multi-national organizations.

We help leaders to stand out from the rest and to understand and live by their principles.
You will learn how to challenge the status quo and master the art of strategic and critical thinking.